Geo location


Métabief is implanted in the Jura massive, in the south of the Doubs department, two steps away from Switzerland, via Vallorbe.

Paris is just a bit more than 3 hours away by taking the TGV via Pontarlier or Frasne (free SNCF shuttle departing from the train station). From Lausanne and Lake Geneva it is only half an hour by car, and from the airport of Geneva not more than one hour.

Closest cites in France: Pontarlier, Champagnole, Morteau, Besançon, Lons-le-Saunier.
Closest cities in Switzerland: Yverdon, Neuchatel, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Geneva.

Good to know.
The region of Haut-Doubs has been spared from the estate disfigurement. Bordering the Roman Route, rich of long transboundary history of more than thousand years and today heart of the Comté, the villages of the region still display an identity influenced by the work of the earth and a rigorous climate. The Haut-Doubs knows how to surprise visitors and how to seduce.